Grandparents are the coolest

When I was 10 my parents let me go to Oregon by myself to spend two weeks with my grandparents. It was amazing. I got to go to work with my grandparents and play card games with them all by myself. When you come from a big family, you get to share A LOT. So [...]


Graduation, no small mountain.

My description of college goes like this: You start at the base of a large mountain, 4 years of classes and experiences to go. It seems so far away, but you're excited to start a new chapter. You start climbing and it is tougher than you expected, but manageable. Eventually you reach a point where [...]

Provo City Center Temple

Jaron and I had the opportunity of volunteering inside the Provo City Center Temple for the open house last January. We were super excited to live so close to the new Provo Temple when we first moved to our second apartment. I have been able to see this temple undergo renovations throughout my whole college [...]