DIY Trick-or-Treat sign

This was one of my cheapest DIY decorations yet! Mostly because my mom already had most of the supplies. Even with purchasing everything though, it's fairly inexpensive. Supplies: Wood plank sign (already cut to look like this) Acrylic paints Googly eyes Sequins  Craft glue  Paint brush I started with painting the board black. The board's [...]


Grandparents are the coolest

When I was 10 my parents let me go to Oregon by myself to spend two weeks with my grandparents. It was amazing. I got to go to work with my grandparents and play card games with them all by myself. When you come from a big family, you get to share A LOT. So [...]


I've driven to Oregon every summer for as long as I can remember. There are not words to describe how much it means to me. For the past two summers I've been lucky enough to take Jaron there and share it with him. This year my whole family (minus my brother and his wife) went [...]

Happy spring birthday break

Last year we tried going to California but ended up going to Florida instead. This year we were finally able to make our way to Disneyland. We have never been to California together and have always wanted to make a little getaway there. So when Jaron had spring break around my birthday, the stars aligned. [...]

Oh Martha, Oh Christmas

Christmas is the BEST time of the year. I just love the magic that comes from holiday shopping, Christmas movies, Elvis' Christmas CD's, late nights snuggled up in blankets, the lights on the tree and consuming WAY too much hot chocolate. This was our 3rd Christmas since we've been married and it seemed to fly [...]

My, what big eyes you have.

I start thinking about Halloween costumes in the beginning of September. But only because I'm indecisive and need that much time to choose one. 😐  After weeks of brainstorming, we finally settled on Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. The idea came to us when we saw the cape. It's long and velvety and [...]