DIY Trick-or-Treat sign

Halloween sign

This was one of my cheapest DIY decorations yet! Mostly because my mom already had most of the supplies. Even with purchasing everything though, it’s fairly inexpensive.



I started with painting the board black. The board’s texture made it look weathered naturally. My mom took extra time to fill in the cracks on her board, but I left mine looking like this.


I honestly didn’t know what I was going to write at first. I just wanted to make some sort of Halloween craft. I am not an artist by any means, so the idea of even writing with a paint brush made me pretty nervous. I practiced a few phrases on paper towels. I decided Trick-or-Treat was fairly simple and mostly straight lines!


I practiced writing it in pencil on the board, just to get the spacing right. I clearly didn’t follow the original spacing, but it turned our pretty well. I used a paint brush that was the desired thickness of the letters so I didn’t have to try too hard to get them straight. IMG_4360

I used the same brush to write the “or” but used the edge to write it in cursive, instead of the flat side like the other letters. I had to write everything in white before doing a second layer of color on top for it to pop against the black.


I decided to put spider webs in two of the corners and a spider coming down. I used a thinner brush for the webs and spider legs, and the flat brush again for the spider body. I honestly don’t know how the spider turned out so well. I think the key is having a pointier shape on the bum of the spider and then having the legs come out in two different directions. I wanted my spider to be purple, but I didn’t trace it perfectly so there was some dimension.


If you know me, you know I add glitter whenever I can. I didn’t have any glitter, but I did have a bunch of sequins. I put some silver ones on the webs and orange ones scattered in the top corner. This is where you need craft glue.

Halloween sign

It’s not a professional sign by any means, but it’s a fun Halloween touch on my wall. The imperfections just add to the overall theme!



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