I’ve driven to Oregon every summer for as long as I can remember. There are not words to describe how much it means to me. For the past two summers I’ve been lucky enough to take Jaron there and share it with him. This year my whole family (minus my brother and his wife) went at the same time.

We were able to share this experience with some new comers (Kinsey + Hattie) so we did all the usual things: Pacific City, Tillamook, 4-wheelers, ice cream, Mexican food and Frustration (famous card game in the Green household).

Jaron and I drove up a day before everyone else and left a day later so we were able to have some alone time with the grandparents. It was probably the best decision we made that trip. (Other than trying Malted Mooshake at Tillamook. My new favorite flavor. 🙌🏻)


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Wintergreen Aviation Museum
We look like cardboard cutouts. But I swear we are real!

This trip we were able to do a few things that I haven’t done in years. We hiked Silver Creek Falls and visited the Portland Temple Visitor Center. We also rode the air tram overlooking Portland.


Oregon is such a beautiful place. From the never-ending trees lining country roads to the cool architecture in Portland, it’s definitely worth seeing.

On our last day in Oregon, we went to St. John’s Bridge and took tons of cool pictures. We almost didn’t go, but I’m so glad we did.


10 Things I Love About My Summers in Oregon

  1. I love that moment when I pull into the driveway and I know that I am home.
  2. I love walking through the gate in the backyard, down the field and to the creek.
  3. I love picking blackberries.
  4. I love the long country roads lined with vineyards.
  5. I love going to Tillamook. If you haven’t had their cheese or ice cream, you don’t know what dairy should taste like.
  6. I love riding 4-wheelers in the field behind my grandparents’ house.
  7. I love going to Mazatlan and eating Mexican food because it’s my grandpa’s favorite.
  8. I love going through my grandma’s decorations and getting to take a piece of her home with me.
  9. I love staying up late to play all 7 rounds of Frustration.
  10. I love listening to my grandparents talk about life, politics, religion, family, and more.
This is how my family plays basketball. (Not pictured: several semi-dangerous shots taken from the balcony and other obnoxious places)
The reason behind the title. 😉

Even though Oregon has all these amazing places to visit, it means so much more to me because of the people there. My grandparents are THE MOST loving people you will ever meet. The memories made there are ones I will hold dear to my heart.



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