Our little Elle-belle

From the beginning of our relationship Jaron always said he wanted to get a dog and I always said it would never happen. It was one of those things that we both secretly thought we would change the other person’s mind about once we were married. Deep, deep, DEEP down I considered getting one if he met all of my conditions: it can’t smell bad, it can’t make our home smell bad, it can’t shed, and it can’t bite me. I’ll be honest, I’m just not a dog person. Or really an animal person. I like things to be clean and smell nice and any sort of creature kind of scares me.

About a year into our marriage Jaron and I were talking about it and he found the perfect dog breed for me, a maltese. They are small, they don’t shed, and they are pretty adorable (which is HUGE for me to even say). We started looking at pictures and he slowly wore me down. We lived in an apartment that didn’t allow pets so it was easy to say we just couldn’t do it. Fast forward a year and we started taking trips to the puppy barn. I never held or touched the puppies but I got more and more comfortable around them. Unfortunately these breeds are really expensive and difficult to find in Utah. One day we got really spontaneous and wanted to get one, but couldn’t, so we bought a fish. The excitement for our fish died in about a week. I honestly didn’t think it would live that long. But it has.

Three months later we went to the puppy barn and saw similar puppies and started to want one even more. We decided to look on ksl again (up to this point we couldn’t find any in Utah) and found multiple listings for maltese and malshis puppies! We started calling to see if we could come see them but they were either sold or the owner was out of town. Finally we called this sweet lady from a ranch in Joseph, UT about her white male puppies (we really wanted a girl, but were willing to see). We were delighted to hear she had another litter with a few girls in it! So we drove 2 hours to see her. TWO HOURS at 7:00 at night.

The moment we saw Ellie we were in love. She is an off-white blonde, 3/4 maltese 1/4 shi tzu, 8 week old puppy and couldn’t be more perfect.


We didn’t get home until 1:00am that night and had to stop at the store to get some her essentials. We weren’t quite expecting to buy a dog that day, and it all happened so fast.

It has been an adventure to learn how to take care of this tiny creature.

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Our first day with her was so wonderful because she slept on our laps all day. Now she is a little burst of energy half the time and a sweet cuddlebug the other half. But we are enjoying the change and she smells nice (thanks to vanilla coconut dog detangler 😉) and she sleeps through the night.



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