DIY Winter Wreath


I LOVE making my own wreaths. I have never purchased one pre-made because it is way cheaper and way more fun to make your own. I’ve always wanted to blog them, but I often forget to take pictures until I’m done. Plus, I usually make them up as I go! So, for the first time I remembered to take pictures along the way and am attempting to explain my process. It also happens to be the cheapest wreath I’ve ever made. Enjoy. 😄

1. Get materials — ON SALE.

Craft stores always have sales. And those sales almost always include the floral pieces, perfect for making wreaths on the cheap. For this wreath I bought the 18″ Grapevine (the only full price item I bought, but was able to use a 40% off coupon. 😏) Since I wanted this to be a simple wreath I only used 2 floral pieces: little white blossoms and red berries. Both of which were on sale, making all three items a grand total of $12!


For this wreath you will need:

2. Cut branches into pieces.

The first thing I do is separate the floral pieces into large sections so I know what I’m working with. With this wreath I started with large clusters and then ended up cutting everything into small pieces with wire cutters to get a simple, airy look.



3. Choose a focal point and then start placing!

You need to decide if you want everything spaced evenly around or in a cluster on the top, bottom or side. I tend to favor the bottom left corner. I wanted this wreath to be fairly light, so I used the leaves to create a simple focal point.


After you’ve found an arrangement that you like, start wedging the pieces in-between the vines. This worked well with the long flower branches because they are made of wire, making them bendable. I placed branches evenly around the wreath and curved them to follow the lines. I then started adding small bunches of berries. They didn’t slide in as easily as the flower stems, so I wrapped wire around the bunches and tied them to the wreath — something I wish I figured out long ago.


4. Glue

Once all the pieces are placed, go through and glue where the branches touch with a hot glue gun. It’s helpful to have something underneath the wreath when you’re gluing because it will drip down through the branches.


The most difficult part of this wreath was figuring out where to put the berries and having them stay in place. Once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty easy!

Here are some pictures of other wreaths I’ve made.


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