Oh Martha, Oh Christmas

Christmas is the BEST time of the year. I just love the magic that comes from holiday shopping, Christmas movies, Elvis’ Christmas CD’s, late nights snuggled up in blankets, the lights on the tree and consuming WAY too much hot chocolate. This was our 3rd Christmas since we’ve been married and it seemed to fly right by!

Early in December we went to the Festival of Trees, a beloved tradition since I used to perform there when I was younger. It was Jaron’s first time, and I loved sharing it with him.

Each tree is donated and decorated in honor of someone. I teared up many a times reading the stories behind them.  Not only are the trees above and beyond, they also have gingerbread houses like you wouldn’t believe.



Naturally, this inspired our own gingerbread houses. Maybe next year we’ll be good enough to donate one?  😂

Last Christmas I was given my first DSLR and it has been a blast figuring it out all year. I’ve mostly used it for work and occasionally made Jaron pose while I played with some settings. This Christmas I learned how to change the settings and capture the lights on the tree.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I was super excited to try out my new skills on the lights at Temple Square, but my camera died shortly after we got there.


Now that my older brother (not pictured above) and I are both married, and my other two brothers are dating, our family has nearly doubled. As a result, we’ve mastered the group selfie.


Like many families we get Christmas pajamas every year – one of my favorite traditions. Growing  up, the boys would usually match and I would get something cute and girly. This year my mom got matching pajamas for EVERYONE. Even her and my dad. And my brother’s friend. And my other brother’s girlfriend. So. Many. Stripes.


Merry Christmas! xo


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