My, what big eyes you have.

I start thinking about Halloween costumes in the beginning of September. But only because I’m indecisive and need that much time to choose one. 😐  After weeks of brainstorming, we finally settled on Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.

The idea came to us when we saw the cape. It’s long and velvety and the most perfect shade of red. After the cape our excitement only grew as we thought of the corset, fake hair, ripped clothes and makeup.


Honestly I’m surprised Jaron let me put makeup ALL over his face. Gluing the fake hair was even his idea! I have to say I’m impressed with willingness to go along with my costume ideas.

Halloween 2016_2935_edited-1.jpg

We were hoping to have a photoshoot in the woods with our costumes but kept running out of time. We snapped these on the way to a party and quickly ran out of light. But we did get a few good photos, even though they were taken by an 8 year old. 🙂



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