Saying goodbye to Provo

This past summer we were finally able to move closer to our families. We are both really close to our family so it’s been hard on us to live 45 minutes away. Since we got married, Provo is the only place we’ve lived. So saying goodbye to our first home was bittersweet. But mostly sweet. 🙂

*Photos taken by Zoey Boyd

Right after high school I moved to Provo to go to BYU. Two years later, Jaron and I were engaged and deciding where to live while we both went to school. He was at the University of Utah and I at BYU, so we considered living somewhere half way. Since I was closer to finishing my schooling, my cute husband decided we should live in Provo so only one of us had to commute to school. We thought and prayed about it more and Jaron decided to go to UVU to finish up his generals until I graduated.


We moved into our first little apartment and I could walk to school. Fast forward a year and we found our second place by pure happenstance.

Our second place was TWICE the size of our first one and had all the features we could imagine (hello central air + a washer and dryer). We had two bedrooms, two bathrooms and two floors. But the best part was the location and view!


We lived right next door to the new Provo City Center Temple. We could literally see it from our kitchen window!


We were in the heart of downtown Provo, within walking distance of not only the temple but live concerts during the summer, cute shops and restaurants.

Jaron decided to go back to the U and pursue his program the summer before we moved in. It was an hour and a half commute each way, but we were two minutes from the frontrunner station.


All in all it was the perfect spot for our second little chapter. We knew the only way we could leave is if we found something even better. We struggled to find the right place, not knowing where I would work after graduation. But I’m happy to say we’ve found it. 🙂 Pictures of our new little home coming soon!

Special thanks to Zoey Boyd for taking these photos!

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