Bear Lake // Labor Day Weekend

I’ve only been to Bear Lake twice, but I have to say it’s growing on me. Jaron’s cousins have a cabin by the lake and have invited us there the past two years. 🙂 This year we went over Labor Day weekend and the whole family was able to come!


We spent the weekend playing board games I’ve never even heard of, playing at the lake and eating WAY too much.


I had so much fun taking my camera down to the lake! It was a blast following our nieces and nephew around, hoping to catch a picture perfect moment.

I was able to take some darling family photos. I mean, look at these little toes!


Our nieces LOVED burying Jaron in the sand. He might have enjoyed it just as much as they did. 😉

On Sunday we enjoyed some family time walking around the neighborhood.


This is Jaron’s “stop taking pictures of me face” and it’s kind of my favorite.


The last day we were there we pulled out the ATV’s and had some fun on the trails. It wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought it would be. I’ve been ATVing many times, but never this fast or steep.

Thanks for the memories Stevens family!



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