Provo City Center Temple

Jaron and I had the opportunity of volunteering inside the Provo City Center Temple for the open house last January.


We were super excited to live so close to the new Provo Temple when we first moved to our second apartment. I have been able to see this temple undergo renovations throughout my whole college experience. I remember the day I drove by and saw the Angel Moroni was up. It has been a really fun experience to be so close to a temple and be a part of it’s opening.


I volunteered for us to usher the moment they announced it in church. I was super excited and didn’t really ask Jaron if he wanted to. It was such an amazing opportunity, I decided we are doing it. I almost had to back out due to an unexpected trip, but ended up being able to volunteer still.

jul-01-2016_2647_edited-1We met up with the volunteer group (by walking five minutes from home, it’s amazing) and were worried about being put where we’d be cold and outside in the snow. However, Jaron felt bad about getting a spot inside when other ushers (with smaller coats) had to stand in the cold and usher people in. So we volunteered for where the coordinators said was most important, thinking it was the outside line. But we ended up getting the best spot! We proceeded inside the temple (which is beautiful by the way) and followed the map to our area. I was at the base of a very large staircase, down the hall from the bridal room, where guests would go up two floors and continue the tour. Jaron was next to me manning the elevator. If guests couldn’t climb the 100+ stairs, he took them up. It ended up being the perfect spot to be.

The temple is such a wonderful place. Even though it is not dedicated yet, you still are in awe as you walk through the rooms of perfection with stunning wood floors and furniture, gorgeous flower arrangements and beautiful mirrors everywhere you turn. No corner was cut, no shortcut taken. Open houses are a wonderful way for everyone to see the beauty that’s inside. I hope it inspires people to be worthy of returning when it is dedicated because the happiness and peace that it brings is always worth it.



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